Washinton DC - Friends Home Services - Painter-Plumber-CleaningAre you tired of looking at cracked drywall or that hole in your wall? Wanting to get your home renovation but not wanting to deal with damaged drywall? so why not hire a local contractor in Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia for Drywall installation and repair needs. friends home service should be your first choice.  Commonly, these damages can occur from structural settling, moisture damage, normal daily activity, pests like termites or rodents or holes from drywall anchors and screws. By neglecting these seemingly small repairs, you could actually cause further structural damage at a later time.

Do You Have Holes in Your Walls?

When it comes to drywall repair, it’s important to do the job correctly. Otherwise, your walls will look worse than before. When you need accurate drywall patching services, our team ensures the finished product is smooth and clean. Even though you may be able to fill in pinholes in your wall, there’s more involved when the hole is larger.

Get a handle on the holes in your walls by relying on us. We have an experienced team and equipment to work on jobs of all sizes. What may seem like a big problem to you is an easy fix for us. So put away the spackling, because we do the job quickly and correctly at an affordable price.

What Do We offer?

We offer detailed drywall repair and installation services. Whether you’re changing the color of the paint in your place or have water damage, we provide drywall services and water remediation your home needs and deserves. For 8 years, both residential and commercial clients throughout Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland have depended on services to transform the look and value of their property.

Plus Point

In addition, once we are finished repairing or installing your drywall, we are happy to provide painting services. Simply choose your color, and we’ll brighten your living space. Schedule a consultation if you need drywall or painting services.

Contact us if you need drywall repair or installation at your home. We proudly serve customers throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and northern Virginia.

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Friends home offering services for more than 8 years. In our short history, Our drywall professionals have helped millions of homes and apartments in Washington, Maryland and northern Virginia. Friends home is your one-stop shop for whenever you need professional for your household work needs.


When you schedule a service with Friends, you can rest assured knowing that someone will be at your home ready to go at the time you specified. They’ll help return your drywall needs and more to the like-new condition that you remember from when you first moved in or Installed!


Late nights at work preventing you from keeping your apartment tidy? Too busy taking the kids to school, practices, and playdates to vacuum the floors? We know life can be crazy and unpredictable, and when you’re tired and overworked, the last thing anybody wants to do is clean their home. Whatever the reason you’re looking for home cleaning help, Handy has you covered.


With Friends, it’s easy to schedule and reschedule bookings. Just dial our number choose the date and time that works best for you. Or maybe your home needs an extra deep clean with some special attention - you can use extras to your booking, like cleaning, painting, plumbing, and more.

So, What are you waiting for?

Trust us to follow every procedure to ensure the finished drywall is durable and beautiful looking. We start off by setting up plastic and tarps to collect loose debris, allowing your home to stay clean and neat. Once we remove the drywall, we clean and remove any plaster, tape, primer, or paint left behind. Doing this prevents future water damage, mold, or weaknesses to occur.